Healthy diets in the schools

Introduction: This proposal aims to provide recommendations for helping students to improve their diet with both information and practical advice. It also gives suggestions on enhancing the existing facilities and possibilities for new healthier schemes. Most of the recommendations are based on students’ ideas in the suggestions-box.

Current situation: There is no emphasis on healthy diet in the school and on the on-site facilities. The food provided in the coffee bars ad in the restaurant is far from being tasty and exciting. Those who are interested in cookery do not know what to do to improve their eating habits.

Providing information: I suggest that we investigate ways of informing and motivating students on how to eat healthy. It would be a good idea to organize lunch time talks given by a dietician and to promote posters and a good nutrition campaign on the school’s premises as this would be a great source of knowledge of what is good and useful for them. Furthermore, I would strongly recommend having students’ parents involved in the process by organizing joined meetings – thus healthy eating habits would be extended to the domestic meals.

Providing and enhancing facilities: Many students have raised the issue with the coffee bars’ and restaurant’s menus, offering tasteless food. The selection of healthy dishes should be improved and students should be encouraged to read the labels on different types of food before they buy them. The school might consider including an optional course in cookery skills in its curriculum to help refine students’ skills in this are by introducing a range of healthy and at the same time – delicious menus.

Conclusion: There is an urgency in providing the needed information to our students. The new variety of dishes and food options should be set in motion as soon as possible. The adjustments to the school curriculum should be made to accommodate the new changes and the new courses.

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