Healthy food in college’s canteen

Introduction: The purpose of this proposal is to provide information about the current situation in the college’s canteen and suggest solutions. In addition to that, it includes the propositions of some of the students, all gathered from a suggestions-box, on how to enhance their knowledge on healthy food and ameliorate their diets.

Students’ canteen: While the students’ canteen offers an array of unhealthy dishes, wholesome food seems to be scarce. Students also state that the healthy dishes are in fact not appealing at all, and that the variety of meals is rather poor. I could suggest that you look into this problem and try to improve the menu, adding new, tastier, and of course, healthier alternatives.

Cookery course: Furthermore, students say that if they had the opportunity to learn how to cook, it would be of great help when they attempt to eat more healthily. The drawback of being unable to cook is that they fully rely on the school’s canteen. If, for instance, cooking classes were held, people would become more aware of how to prepare their own meals and recipes would no longer pose a problem.

Keeping people informed: Lastly, students require information on how to eat properly. Mostly, people are not only unaware that their eating habits are actually improper, but also they have a predisposition to choosing unhealthy meals and all that is a result of being uninformed. A proper solution to this problem would be to start a health campaign which advises the students on the right way to eat. Different methods can be conceived and utilized and what I would like to suggest is handing out brochures and having an expert dietician at the college form whom people can get counsel.

Conclusion: In order to conclude, I would like to say that the utilization of the aforementioned methods should not be deferred any further. Measures on improving students’ health should start as soon as possible.

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