Lack of information about healthy diets amongst the students

Introduction: The issue of the lack of information and the students’ diets in our college stands out in this proposal. Solutions are provided in the following text.

Providing information for the students: The lack of information about healthy diets is a major problem amongst the students. Many of them have complaints about the incompetence of our college’s food facilities. This is why immediate actions should be taken to correct this. Here is what could be suggested: A healthy diet campaign ought to be started, mostly by putting posters up around the school corridors and the cafeteria. Leaflets, with more detailed information about the campaign is another good idea for helping facilitate the cause.

Improved facilities: The on-site food facilities that we offer can be improved by adding a new menu of different types of healthy dishes. In each of the menus, next to the name of the course, there ought to be a brief description of the information of the nutritional content. This will help the students to distinguish the foods fitting their type of diet.

The overall improvement of the healthy dishes could be achieved by inviting food and diet experts, as well, to give presentations to the students. They could also share to our student their cooking skills.

Conclusion: As a final summation, I could stress that putting those changes into action will positively reflect on the students in our college and their general physical well-being and fitness.

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